The Real Estate Sector


Investment in real estate development is the most important segment within Al Barakah’s portfolio, where Al Barakah is working in cooperation with major governmental bodies and administrative institutions in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, through its advisory teams and engineering and marketing departments, to develop a range of real estate development pilot projects in various areas to serve the community in line with the vision of Abu Dhabi 2030. As well as the pursuit of its Executive Board to promote sustainable development and overall development in various walks of life and in maintaining the economic status of Abu Dhabi as the world’s leading investment destination.

Al Barakah was launched in coordination with the Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones (ZonesCorp) to develop and manage a series of housing projects using specifications of an internationally high standard. The Workers Village - Al Mussafah" and the "Al Raha Laborers village – Al Mafraq" in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi are the most important of these projects in respect to their integrated infrastructure, and advanced networks for electricity, water and sanitation. Housed in modern buildings, as well as these projects also include within them restaurants and entertainment centers, hospitals, pharmacies, mosques, parks and sport grounds.

Al Barakah International Investment is also working with the Abu Dhabi Municipality to manage the development of The Canal Walk located in the Al Maqta area (previously Beyn Al Jesrain), which is aimed to become a key touristic and recreational destination of the highest international standards. The Canal Walk project’s positioning is distinctive, given the site's unique location coupled with its remarkable architectural design blending in harmony with the surrounding natural environment.

This multipurpose project will house a sophisticated 5-star hotel, a range of international restaurants and cafes, galleries and entertainment venues, a cinema, an open-air theater, sports facilities, jogging and skating path, children’s golf, High-end retail stores, a marina, various gardens, water fountains and ample parking spaces.

Facilities Management

Al Barakah facilities management services are of the most advanced in the sector in terms of both their administrative and technical capacity.

We utilize the expertise of our subsidiaries to deliver an exceptional operations management and integration of these facilities, in particularly through our sophisticated electronic ‘Access Cards’ system which ensures the flow of operations in various disciplines.

Some of our notable examples include the Various Workers' villages in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, retail outlets, malls and mosques and places of worship and commercial buildings that Al Barakah has developed and manages currently.

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